Atari XEGS
Developer(s) Atari
Release Date(s) 1987
Price(s) $199.99 USD
Colors grey

The Atari XEGS, fully titled the Atari XE Video Game System, is a video game console released by the Atari Corporation in 1987. The XEGS had backwards-compatibility with any of the Atari 8-bit Family systems released until 1987. The system was also notable in that, while equipped with peripherals, could function like a standard home computer.[1]

History Edit

Production of the Atari XEGS began in 1986. The system was announced to the public that it would provide mass-merchandising for Atari's 8-bit Family.[2] The system was released alongside several releases of Atari consoles including the Atari 2600 Jr. release of the Atari 2600 and Atari 7800's initial release.[3]

The release of the system alongside other Atari consoles dwindled the success of system, causing Atari to lose profit to itself. The system was eventually taken down from the shelves along with other Atari consoles for the Lynx and Jaguar systems.

Technical specifications Edit

  • CPU: MOS Technology
    • 6502B
    • 1.78 MHz
  • RAM: 64 KB
  • Colors: 16 on-screen colours out of possible 256
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