Gauntlet Legends
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Developer(s) Atari Games
Publisher(s) Atari Games
Release date(s) Arcade
North America
October 1998
Nintendo 64
North America
August 31, 1999
December 1, 1999
April 7, 2000
North America
February 29, 2000
June 28, 2000
North AmericaMay 30, 2000
July 21, 2000
Genre(s) Hack and slash
Mode(s) Singleplayer
Up to four-player co-op
Ratings ESRB: T
Platform(s) Arcade
Sega Dreamcast
Nintendo 64
Media Arcade system
Compact Disc
320 megabit cartridge
Input methods Dreamcast, PlayStation, Nintendo 64 controller

Gauntlet Legends is a game released by Atari in 1998 initially in an arcade cabinet. The game was subsequently released for the Nintendo 64, PlayStation, and Dreamcast systems. The game is a hack and slash game is the third installment of the Gauntlet series of games developed by Atari.

Plot Edit

Spoiler warning: significant plot details follow. Please read with caution.

The game's storyline begins with an evil mage by the name of Garm who has stolen a set of Runestones. By using these Runestones, he resurrects a demon named Skorne. Upon doing so, Skorne imprisons Garm and scatters the Runestones.

The player character(s) must use their weapons and make their way throughout all four realms in order to find all fo the Runestones. Once found, the group of warriors are able to pass into the Underworld where they find Skorne.

Upon Skorne's defeat, the kingdoms are saved and peace is returned to the land once again.

Spoiler section ends here.

Gameplay Edit

Gauntlet Legends features a password saving system. This system is designed for players to save their game by using a long code of random characters. Using this code, they can start up a previous game, however they can choose to simply restart the game as well.

The game plays similarly to that of a traditional hack and slash game. Each level in the game involves the players passing through kingdoms to find the Runestones and glass shards to enter the Underworld. The game offers play-ability for up to four players to join depending on the version played.

The game sports a health and timer system called "Life points." These points are the player's time to beat the each level as the health meter drops every second. The game begins with so many Life Points determined by the number of coins put into the machine. Fruits and meat can be found along the way, however, to increase the amount of time the player has.

Reception Edit

Gauntlet Legends was given very mixed and poor reviews from critics during the time of its release.

Scores from major publications Edit

  • DC-UK — 6/10[1]
  • Electronic Gaming Monthly6/10[2] / 6.83/10[1]
  • Electric PlayGround7.5/10[2] / 6.5/10[3] / 8/10[1]
  • Gamecenter — 9/10[2]
  • GameCritics — 8/10[4]
  • Gameplanet — 3/5[5]
  • Gamers Pulse — 92/100[2]
  • GameSpot4.3/10[6] / 3.9/10[7] / 4.2/10[8]
  • Game Informer — 7/10[2]
  • Game Vortex89/100[9] / 9/10[10]
  • Gaming Age — B+[11]
  • Gaming Maxx — 7.2/10[2]
  • Gaming Target8/10[1]
  • IGN7.2/10[12] / 8.4/10[13]
  • Incite Games — 2/5[3]
  • Independent Gamer — 2.5/5[2]
  • Nintendo Power — 7.10[14]
  • Official PlayStation Magazine — 2.5/5[3]
  • PSX Extreme — 7.9/10[15]

References Edit