Rat Attack!
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Developer(s) Pure
Publisher(s) Mindscape
Release date(s) PlayStation
North America
August 30, 1999[1]
October 15, 1999[1]
Nintendo 64
North America
September 12, 2000[2]
April 21, 2000[3]
Genre(s) Puzzle
Mode(s) Single-player
Platform(s) PlayStation
Nintendo 64
Media Compact disc
320 megabit cartridge
Input methods PlayStation controller
Nintendo 64 controller

Rat Attack! is a video game developed by Pure that was released for the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 consoles. Published by Mindscape, this game was released initially in 1999 with a Nintendo 64 version released the following year. The game was never officially released in Japan.

Development Edit

Rat Attack! began its development under several names from Rat to Cats & Rats.[4] The final name was eventually decided, and the game was first shown off in 1999.[5] The game was initially released on the PlayStation after several long years in development in August of 1999.[1][6] The game was later released for the Nintendo 64 throughout 2000.[2][3]

Plot Edit

Spoiler warning: significant plot details follow. Please read with caution.

Washington and Jefferson, two lab rats, were sent into space for experimentation, however the experiment goes wrong and the rats gain super-intelligence through mutation. The game takes place forty-so years later upon the rats' return to earth. The rats plan for world domination, destroying thousands by using an army of rats.

With the creation of the rat armies, a group of cats who call themselves the "Scratch Cats" emerges in hopes of stopping the evil rats. Led by Professor Rex Julius, the cats begin a rebellion and make their way directly to Washington and Jefferson's base. The pair is defeated at their base, however the two suddenly escape, taking King Scarab with them.

Spoiler section ends here.

Gameplay Edit

Rat Attack! is a puzzle game that features two main modes: a single-player storyline and a multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode plays similarly to the original single-player mode, however, new additions such as slight level changes, color charges, and new items are available.

The game's single-player mode features a Scratch Cat entering a room and then several rats appear from the wall(s) of the room. The cat must acquire so many of these rats in each level to access the next room. This process repeats for every room in the game. At the end of each level, bonuses will be give to the cat for the next level.

Power-ups and obstacles are also featured in various levels of the game to either hinder or assist the cats in their rebellion.

Reception Edit

Rat Attack! received primarily positive but mostly mixed reviews. The game's camera angles were one of the game's many flunks, as well as the game's poor score. In addition, the game's art style was never seen as "appealing" to some. The game however, did receive positive scores in its basic puzzle style with its overall gameplay and unique look.

Scores from major publications Edit

  • 64 Magazine — 82%[7]
  • Absolute-Playstation — 72%[8]
  • Allgame4/5 stars[9] / 2½/5 stars[10]
  • Electric Playground — 5/10[11]
  • Game Revolution — B-[12]
  • GameSpot — 2.7/10[13]
  • IGN5.8/10[14] 5.5/10[14]

References Edit