Tetris 64
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Developer(s) Amtex
Publisher(s) SETA
Release date(s) Japan
November 13, 1998
Genre(s) Puzzle
Mode(s) Single-player
Platform(s) Nintendo 64
Media 320-megabit cartridge
Input methods Nintendo 64 controller
Bio sensor

Tetris 64 is a Tetris-themed puzzle game developed by Amtex to be released on the Nintendo 64. The game was released only in Japan, in November of 1998.

Gameplay Edit

Tetris 64 allows the players to play the original classic Tetris on their Nintendo 64, but also features two new modes for people to play. In the normal mode, players move around objects called tetrominoes to create a full line of them. When a line is created, they disappear; the object of the game is make as many lines as possible before the stack hits the top of the screen.

"Giga Tetris" is a new mode in Tetris 64 that is played similarly to regular Tetris but the tetrominoes are oversized. "Bio Tetris" is another new mode in which the player uses the new Bio Sensor tool. This tool either makes the game faster or slower depending on the user's heart rate.

Tetris 64 also offers a multiplayer mode in which up to four people can play any of the three modes of the game at once. "Bio Tetris" however requires a Bio Sensor accessory for each person to play.

Bio Sensor Edit

The Bio Sensor tool is an accessory to the Nintendo 64 that was released only in Japan. This item simply measures the wearer's heart rate by using its clip end and attaching it to the ear. Players then inset the other part into controller as if it wee a controller pak.

Tetris 64 is the only Nintendo 64 game to make use of the Bio Sensor.

Reception Edit

Tetris 64, being the first Nintendo 64 game that allows for four-player multiplayer, was highly allotted for doing so. The game received praise for its new modes, but suffered from lack of a great design with its simple backgrounds and poor details.

Scores from major publications Edit

  • IGN — 8.4/10[1]

References Edit